Our Calendar of Meetings....


All our meetings are held at:
Pinner Village Hall, Chapel Lane, Pinner, HA5 1AB

The meetings start at 7:45pm.

Here are the 2018 events:

January 10th - "Welcome to Spring" - Jane Haas (A)

February 14th - A.G.M. and Social Evening

March 14th - "Floral Fantasia" - Demonstration by Patricia Bashford (N)

April 11th - "T.B.A." - Demonstration by Vikki Traherne (A)

May 9th - "T.B.A." - Demonstration by Vijay Bhatia (A)

June 13th - "Summer Flair" - Demonstration by Gill McGregor (A)

July 11th - "Summer Workshop" with Foliage and Beads - Rekha Naidoo

September 12th - "Coast to Coast" - Demonstration by Joyce Furssedonn (A)

October 10th - "Hidden Gems" - Demonstration by Kate Thomas (A)

November 21st - "No Humbugs Allowed" - Demonstration by Theresa Rodrigues (A)

December 12th - "Christmas Crackers" - Demonstration by Barbara Collins (A)

If you would like to know more, just come along to one of our meetings, or phone:

Here are the 2019 events:

January 9th - "Loosely Round the Solar System" - Christine Long (T)

February 13th - A.G.M. and Social Evening

March 13th - "Going Dutch" - Demonstration by Fiona Harrison (A)

April 10th - "Step into Spring" - Demonstration by Jane Ellis (A)

May 8th - "A May Baby" - Demonstration by Andrew Lloyd (A)

June 12th - "Floral Fantasy" - Demonstration by Sally Hardy (A)

July 10th - "Deja vu" (illustrated) - Pat Dibben (N)

September 11th - "T.B.A." - Demonstration by Yvonne Tan (A)

October 9th - "All Kinds of Everything" - Demonstration by Carol Bennett (A)

November 13th - "A Christmas All Wrapped Up" - Demonstration by Alan Smith (A)

December 11th - "Tinsel and Trimmings" - Demonstration by Gill McGregor (A)

If you would like to know more, just come along to one of our meetings, or phone:

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N = National Demonstrator
A = Area Demonstrator
T = Trainee Demonstrator