Photographs from 2013.

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Lee Berrill -"Deck the Halls"- 11th December 2013

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Lee Berrill's second visit to our club was truly a Christmas Spectacular. With his relaxed approach he transported us through an imaginary grand house being "decked out" for the holidays.

We started on the driveway by being greeted by a Frozen Waterfall, a stunning arrangement of silvered ruskus and palm, eucalyptus, white lilies and cascading white carnations on a decorative stand constructed of driftwood, cones, and ingeniously "teased" silver scouring pads !!!

The next to greet us was the door decorations of intricate door wreaths made from mixed cones, vine stems and wood hung on a beautiful screen of Eucalyptus bark, baubles, trimmed gilded Fatsia leaves and an arrangement of golden holly, orange gerberas, roses and proteas.

Welcoming us at the foot of the "grand staircase" was a display of sprayed Aspidistra foliage (which had been split and curled to give a gold and green effect) yellow blooms , berried holly and gold baubles all added to the beauty of the golden stand.

Another contemporary design followed, woven Phormium leaves wrapped round an upside down garden frame, filled with contorted twisted hazel, hung with upside down scarlet Amaryllis and baubles. Instead of a Christmas Tree, Lee produced a brilliant and sparkling display using two sprayed rice pan baskets holding wreaths constructed of baubles with the pretty arrangements of rosemary, blue grey cupressus, pink gerbera, with dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids all enhanced by sprayed dried anthuriums.

The main table display, which was very clever, started with a simple long and low design of red carnations, athuriums and green cymbidium enhanced by the choice of foliage then the magic began. Lee produced a square stand with an arrangement already at the base. He proceeded to turn the first display upside down placing it on the top of the stand !! To complete the "look" he place some very clever ornaments that he had made from dried sprayed leaves around and lit some flower light candles.

We had a fantastic, inspirational evening, full of laughter at his great stories and he is doing flowers in Bury St.Edmund's Cathedral, and at one of the area days too. Lee has a busy florist shop and loves to enter competitions as they help him to develop his fantastic design work.


Elizabeth Graham -"Gathering Holly"- 13th November 2013

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In November we welcomed National Demonstrator, Elizabeth Graham, to our club and our meeting was held in the nearby Emmanuel Church, Northwood. The venue was chosen because it was larger than our usual hall and we hoped to entertain a large audience for Elizabeth's demonstration. On the evening the church was warm and cosy and with the recently updated screens and camera operating everyone who came along was able to have a perfect view of Elizabeth.

Numbers attending were disappointing, but for those who braved the journey to Northwood everyone agreed it had been a lovely evening.

Elizabeth had travelled from her home near Newport in Wales and the title of her demonstration was "Gathering Holly". She used many different varieties of holly in her arrangements, some of which came from her garden. Most of her arrangements were in a contemporary style which ranged from a table arrangement, an interpretation of a pillar box to a construction for using with amaryllis flowers. Christmas is one of Elizabeth's favourite times of the year and she told us stories about decorating her own Christmas tree - which she had done in October as she was so busy with demonstrations in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


Julie Woods - "Catwalk Calling" - 9th October 2013....

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At our October meeting, floral designer Julie Woods recreated all the glamour and glitzy razzmatazz of London Fashion Week through her flower arrangements, celebrating some of the famous fashion designers.

We began with Coco Channel, a classy, elegant display of Chines Lanterns, Red Hot Pokers and Dahlias. She picked the style of designer who gave ladies the "little black dress", introduced trousers for ladies and created that perfume.

Next, Mary Quant made an appearance, remember her trendy "Mini Skirt" and fashionable "Hot Pants" ? The contemporary silver vase arrangement of dried cotton, cymbidium orchids, manipulated red cordyline leaves and the shape lines of contorted Snake Grass emphasized the simplicity of her designs. A cylindrical glass container filled with iridescent baubles, cord, ribbon and angel hair was the foundation of the opulent orange and pink Donatella Versace arrangement. Julie manipulated and plated aspidistra leaves to emulate those famous pleats and folds. Again an exquisite display.

Laura Ashley gained her artistic inspirations from patterned Victorian tiles and transferred these to fashionable cotton dresses and head scarves. The flowing arrangement of soft colours and foliage enhanced her natural style.

Vivian Westwood, famous for the suit, twin sets, the pink retro' look with strong beliefs on recycling and of colourful quirky designs,featured next. Julie had made a structure of canes and shapes, covered with strongly coloured wools. Monstera leaves and white Anthuriums were arranged in an oasis in the top, and hidden tubes.

Finally, the new British designer Matthew Williams was the "piece de resistance". A metal grid of woven leaves and sisal in luxurious lime greens and shades of pink, with attached arrangements of carnations and Singapore orchids, a very modern sophisticated display.

The spectacular evening drew to a close with the Pet shop Boys version of "Down Town Girls" conjuring up visions of models on the cat-walk.


Pinner Church Flower Festival - September 2013....

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In September the Friends of Pinner Church held Flower festival. Our club supported this event by adorning the beautiful old Font with a stunning display entitled "Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me". Our thanks to Jean Guiver, Dominic Wilson and Sharda Tanna.

Our Maureen Wilson also showed her flower arranging finesse with several stunning arrangements, including the "The Cloud Trees" and "Fanfare for the Friends of Pinner Parish Church" (with Caroline McCabe).

The Church was full of beautiful colours, displays and of course a heavenly floral perfume. We hope that everyone had a chance to visit the event


Barbara Collins - "Shades of Autumn" 11th September 2013....

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East of England Area Demonstrator Barbara Collins first visit to our club was a very sociable and enjoyable evening. Barbara hales from Peterborough and has been a member of her flower club for 17 years, where she teaches, at flower arranging workshops, along with doing her demonstrations.

The evening was entitled "Shades of Autumn" and showed how summer flowers are starting to fade whilst autumnal blooms are making an appearance in the gardens.

Using a shiny brass container, bright orange carnations combined with wonderful lime green foliage Barbara created a warm yet bright display. All six arrangements were stunning and whilst arranging she supplied us with useful tips. These included: the art of glycerineing foliages, to give them a lasting rich, warm, brown colouring (1 part glycerine, 2 parts boiling water, cut stems and stand to soak up the mixture for approx 3 weeks.)

We were shown how to create a fence from twigs, use of colourful cable-ties in art work, along with the skill of splitting aspidistra leaves where the vein runs. Did you know there are left and right-handed aspidistra leaves ?...take a look next time you use them.

Barbara used a wonderful selection of garden foliage, emphasizing the benefits of planting your garden with suitable flower arranging foliage plants. Daffodils are her favourite flowers and she has had an all yellow variety "Barbara's Passion" named after her.


Doug Howard - "Midsummer Magic" 10th July 2013....

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Doug Howard and his July "Midsummer Magic" demonstration cast a spell on us, as he gave us Wimbledon, Holiday Time, A Wedding in Sorrento, Gardens of Cornwall and his arrangement titled " Mid-Summer of Life"

Doug is a gentleman's barber by trade. However, in 1970 he began arranging the flowers in his local church. Wishing to develop his new skill, he borrowed books from his friend Mabel, completed a Constance Spry course, attended local flower club meetings.

Eventually he joined the Clifton Flower Club, where he worked on the Committee as Program Secretary, and became Chairman. He attained City and Guild qualification, which lead to him giving joint flower club demonstrations with Janis Daniels. He subsequently passed his Area Demonstrator test in 1994.

Each arrangement told the story of a summer event, his choice of materials was varied and fun, some even edible (strawberries at Wimbledon). A mixture of garden foliage such as Hosta, Beginia Acuba, Aspidistra and Snake Grass enhanced the textures and dimensions of the flowers. He also introduced us to a new Dianthus called "Green Tricks" and explained how to plait and curl leaves.

A brilliant and informative evening which was enjoyed by everyone.


Terri Potter - "Floral Pastiche" 8th May 2013....

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Terri Potter has been an Area Demonstrator since 1996 and regards her designs as an expressive art form. She has always loved flowers and highly values the use of "Garden Plant Materials" in their many forms and shapes, along with the use of many different textures.

The demonstration title was "Floral Pastiche" which of course means "something in the style of someone else" and with Terri's motto being "to keep your work fresh you occasionally need to look back", we were treated to displays in the styles of favourite NAFAS designers.

George Smith OBE was a gardener who inspired Terri to start flower-arranging, he often used watering cans in his displays and he always arranged "leaving space for the butterflys". The bright yellow and purple bold designs were a tribute to Jane Packham. The Italian Designers of the 1990's, had a style which was very sculptured and structured with the use of dramatic contorted materials along with "block" colours. Then there was the beautiful free flowing style in tints and tones of pink, a Constance Spry design, and of course she is remembered for all her inspirational flower arrangement courses.

Terri furthered her love of art by studying and attaining a BA degree in Fine Art(2.1). She is a member of Great Baddow Flower Club and last year they held a successful exhibition to promote the Club. They invited local artists to exhibit alongside the floral displays and running workshops.


April Workshop - 10th April 2013....

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We had a brilliant, fun evening at our April workshop, Teresa showed us step by step, how to recreate the arrangements from the N. A. F. A. S. Flower Arranger magazine. Also Rekha, Teresa and Yvonne showed us how to manipulate palm leaves.

It was a very sociable evening with plenty of chatting, laughter and coffee.

Teresa will be doing a full demonstration called "From Root to Bloom" for us on June 12th. It promises to be a great event and we hope that everyone will bring a guest to enjoy the evening with us.


Carola Wilson-Kean - "Just For A Change"
13th March 2013....

You can some pictures taken on the evening, by clicking the picture below:

March 13th's meeting was a great success, we were treated to an exceptional demonstration "JUST FOR A CHANGE" given by the National demonstrator Carola Wilson - Kean.

On that cold evening Carola brought Spring to us with daffodils, tulips, blossom, pussy willow and forsythia, lighting the stage with vibrant spring colours. She also combined this with an Easter theme as she is aware a lot of our members are "Church Flower Ladies " so giving us lots of great ideas for us to use.

We were shown how to thread the willow to form support for the weaker-stemmed flowers, manipulate foliage, combine other materials such as "blown egg-shells" (home grown) and coloured binding-wine into the displays. Carola also explained the art of weaving willow, to make containers or quirky objects for enhancing our arrangements.

We really did have a great, entertaining evening. Carola's stories kept us laughing and her skills inspired us to go home and try new designs and styles. Last year she was a member of the team exhibiting at the NAFAS show in Torquay and the work and thought she put into creating the flower shop on the stage was awe-inspiring.


Jo Bromwich - "Our Mysterious Earth"
9th January 2013....

The 2013 program has started well with a very interesting demonstration by Area Demonstrator Jo Bromwich. Jo is the chair-person of the Abbots Langley flower club and has worked as a London contract florist. She has a love of wildlife which she encourages and welcomes in her garden. The arrangements reflected the natural world by way of containers, mechanics and contrasting textures. Stories of rescuing lost baby hedgehogs, nesting blackbirds and the intricacies of looking after an apiary let alone harvesting the honey, accompanied some helpful hints and techniques.
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