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Lorraine Saunders - "Magic Moments" - 8th October 2014

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In October we were treated to some memorable "Magic Moments" by Lorraine Saunders, an Area Demonstrator.

The "Moments" represented important occasions in her life-time and the interesting stories that accompanied them. Lorraine related her wedding day, the association with HOAC (Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre) sailing and her boy's achievements, running in the Hillingdon Half Marathon. Lorraine also related, taking part at Chelsea Flower Show with stunning arrangements using pastel shades of colour supported by luxuriant foliage.

Lorraine is a great believer in plant material leading the arrangement and loves the use of garden foliage. She did pass on lots of tips, interesting techniques and inspired us to arrange !!!


Rehka Naidoo - "A Floral Fairground" - 10th September 2014

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All the sights, excitement and brilliant colours of "A Floral Fairground" filled the stage as our very own Rehka Naidoo demonstrated her talents and flower arranging skills to us.

Her new theme for the demonstration came from childhood memories of visiting fun fairs. Her ingenious interpretations of coconut shys, delicious ice-cream cones and a helter-skelter let your imagination "hear" the calls of "Roll up, Roll up", taste the candy floss and absorb the atmosphere.

The choice of flowers was outstanding, use of foliage, colourful sisal and other interesting mechanics helped exhibit the theme to its best. Yvonne Tan and Theresa Rodriguez were part of Rehka's team and both treated us by creating beautiful displays interpreting a fantasy Roller Coaster and imaginary Ferris Wheel.

The commentary was informative and full of humour.... a wonderfully entertaining evening.... Rehka, Theresa and Yvonne, Thank You.


Alison Mount - "Safari" - 9th July 2014

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

Alison's first arrangement represented a Wedding! Her daughter had recently got married, Alison and her husband had no plans for a holiday that year. Then they received news that they had won a Safari holiday. The arrangement was on a tall glass vase filled with white delicate lace and the arrangement cascaded with soft Ruskus, White Lizzyanthus (Estonia) cream roses touched with soft lilac Freesia and Alicalmilla. Also, at a previous work-shop she had made some lace rings which where joined and trailed down the front of the vase, giving the display a beautiful wedding touch.

Then we had the invitation to pack our rucksacks, don our khaki trousers and find our passports, as Alison took us to South Africa and became our "Ranger" on a Safari around the Kruger Game Reserve. With the next arrangement we were at the luxurious Game Lodge unpacking our bags and soaking up the warm African surroundings.

Alison had a thatched wreath frame as a base, representing the Game Lodge Roof. In the oasis base she arranged 3 stunning Strelizias and added enormous orange Gerbras along with red carnations. The foliage included the appropriately named "Elephant Ears" (Begina Leaves) and variegated Dracenea.

Then we were out on a dusty bush-drive to see the Big Five animals that Africa is famous for. It was the dry season and park roads were very bumpy and full of pot holes and the grasses were very dry .To exhibit this Alison used a stunning piece of driftwood, draped with Leopard skin patterned material along with a large dried Strelizia head. She used Accuba (spotted Laural) to represent the markings of the Leopard and Cheetah. Yucca leaves elongated the design of orange Calla Lillie's and tan chrysanthemum heads.

Next we were invited on a dangerous walk in the bush with the Ranger. Alison very cleverly used a brown African patterned gift bag as a container and with straight lines of White Gerbras accented with red roses with beautifully sprayed Fatsia leaves. It was finished off with porcupine quills and some "bones" to signify the hunting animals.

The night skies were amazing, stars for ever. This time some animals were kept in a Bomma shelter or palisade, so this was the inspiration for the penultimate design. Alison wired together dried willow, made stars that graduated in size and sprayed them silvery white, adding glitter and formed a palisade. At the base she arranged star gazer Lillie's and Gypsophlia (called "million stars") and Fatshedra leaves and Hebe's added contrasts of texture and form.

Before the stars dominate the skies there is always a magnificent sun-set in Africa. So Alison's final display was a Safari Sunset, brilliant. She used a round wooden bowl and used Lukadendron for the out line, Red Robin and Eucra leaves filled the centre and Lillies formed the major design. Then Cosmia, reddy orange roses and pinky orange Celocsia (Brains) complemented each other and Burnt orange Anthuriums were added to finished the arrangement.

Our trip was over, back to earth, it was another evening's wonderful demonstration.


Theresa Rodrigues has won a Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show

Group member, Theresa Rodrigues has won a Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show this year. Her entry in Class 'B' tangled, Rapunzel, attained a silver medal in its class and we are sure you'll agree that it is a very worthy medal winner.You can see more pictures of the dislay by clicking HERE


 The 7th of May was National Flower Arranging Day:
NAFAS encouraged clubs to place a display in a local venue, in order to promote their clubs and possibly gain new members. To this end our President Angela Patteson and Chairman Linda Cherry created a bright and beautiful, vibrant orange display using gerberas, roses and spray carnations. These were complemented by sunshine yellow gerberas, freesia, seasonal salix (pussy willow) and delicate strands of solomon's seal (polygonatum). The foliage frame work consisted of curled aspidistra leaves, along with a selection of leaves from the garden.

Posters of forth coming events were attached to the soft mint green drapers of the stand and flyers were available to be taken. Sainsburys in Pinner were delighted to support us by offering their foyer for our venue and the display attracted a lot of interest and hopefully new people to join to our club.


Kathy Stangaard - "Inspired by ...." - 9th April 2014

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

The talented Kathy Stangaard delivered a truly inspirational demonstration, by reminding us of some prominent artistic designers. Kathy exhibited Marian Aaaronson's distinctive style, based on the Japanese Ikebana tradition. In 1959 flower-arranger groups and societies joined together to form NAFAS and before long Marian had become a national demonstrator, judge, speaker and author. Her compositions included drift wood, dried material as well as living plants and her hall mark was simplicity. She proved how much could be achieved with the minimum use of material. The "Line" arrangement of Phormium Tenac, elliptic Aspidistra, Fatshedra leaves framing the shining bright scarlet Anthuruim flowers was stunning.

Next we were introduced to the Scottish architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He applied simple decoration, often in the form of a "cabbage-like" rose to his designs. Kathy had a woven orchid cane frame to represent his cane furniture, and then used dark glossy green Philodendron leaves contrasted with lighter coloured Bergenia cordifolia foliage along with lime green Hellebore flowers for the base. To create the impression synonymous to the "Glasgow" rose exhibited in Mackintosh's work Kathy arranged big-headed pink Aqua roses in front of the canes.

We travelled to Ancient Egypt for our next creative inspiration. The element of height was given by tall dark green stems of Papyrus Cyperus palm leaves lightened by a "whoosh" of gold spray supporting a line of smiling Helenthus (sun flowers) and lotus heads.

Next a vase painted in the iconic style of Clarice Cliff. Clarice had begun work as an apprentice potter, talent and ability led her to become a prolific artist, with her work collected and admired the world over. The bright bold colours used were reflected by using a column of deep red roses, then blocks of orange Gemini, glorious yellow Parrot Tulips and the Scabiosa atropurpurea (pin cushion flower) along with a spray of dried blue jute canes were all framed by vibrant green Euonymos foliage, looped Phormium cookianum and Bergenia leaves.

That bright and bold design was followed by a soft and delicate arrangement inspired by the household name ....Constance Spry. Her work showed people that with a little imagination they could beautify their homes with flowers picked from hedgerows, woods, gardens and even allotments. Constance herself had been inspired by 17th century Dutch flower paintings and her collection of 18th + 19th century flower books. She developed a simple, yet visually arresting style of colour and fluid forms of arranging, customised to its surroundings. The traditional urn, decorated with palm leaves, contorted willow, white Alums and Anastacia green chrysanthemum blooms was a fitting tribute to this famous lady.

Our final inspiration came from Jean Taylor, she too was a National Demonstrator, speaker and judge. Jean was the first person to achieve a NAFAS Gold Ribbon award by gaining consecutive 1st place in national competitions and was editor of our "Flower Arranger Magazine". The delicate cascading arch shaped arrangement of cream Estonia, mauve Ginestra (Broom) and Aqua rose mirrored Jean's style perfectly.

We had a very enjoyable light hearted evening and Kathy was full of interesting facts and entertaining stories


Jacqui Arnold - "Sensational Spring" - 12th March 2014

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

It was a fantastic evening and by the end of Jacqui's demonstration the stage was an array of colour, flowers and incredible designs.

It had been three years since Jacqui's last visit as an Area Demonstrator, however the evening's arrangements were a clear example as to why she has achieved National Demonstrator status.

Our first display highlighted the on-set of spring "the promise of things to come", with the excitement of the first flowers of the year, the traditional blue and yellow blooms of Forsythia tulips, and tulips enhanced by the rim of tangled dogwood and contrasting foliage. We were reminded by a soft feminine pink and mauve arrangement of pink Gerbera, white Lillie's, pink Genestra (broom) scented Colombian roses and Alliums in a beautiful filigree basket, that Mothering Sunday was fast approaching.

Easter Bonnets were very stylish, two polystyrene half spheres beautifully decorated with hand made paper, were filled with looped phorumium leaves, flowing foxtail asparagus fronges (Asparagus Densiflorus) framed the Moluccella (bells of Ireland), Gerbera, highly scented roses and elegant Phalaenopsis mauve orchids along with the Goosebury like green fruits.

The wedding season and anniversaries are always exciting and Jacqui transported us to the Spice Islands where she had spent her honeymoon. Using a treated tree branch as a stand she did two arrangements of very rich lush mixed tropical leaves, lime green cymbidium orchids edged in red and the introduction of scarlet anthuriums, red proteas, finished off with yet more stunning roses.......a very romantic feel.

Then the long flowing design and large display of whites and pinks was our invitation to the wedding celebrations and the evening's grand finale.


Karen Davies-James -"Jeux des Fleurs"- 8th January 2014

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

Our fist demonstration of 2014 was by Karen Davies-James who treated us to a trip down memory lane as she reminisced the stunning displays exhibited at the "Flowers at Chicheley Hall" in August of 2011. Many of our members had visited the "show" as a club organised visit and remembered many of the arrangements from the show.

The theme at Chicheley was "Floral Land Art" and the displays were true art forms, normally only seen in floristry magazines.

Karen's first arrangement depicted the "Entrance Hall" arrangement by Robert Koene from Greece. A wooden base with a garland of threaded leaves to hide the mechanics and a display of variegated Phormiun leaves, purple liatris flowers, light pink dendrobium orchids and a novel touch of contorted Steel grass.

Next, she highlighted the flower curtain and yellow ball arrangement that was found in the Chicheley Library. For this, Sunflowers and Craspedia (Billy Balls Yellow Flower from Australia) with a base of Leather leaf and Sala leaves, lots of fun.

Next was a very simple yet effective display.... oasis at the top of a tall single stem vase, and lots of looped steel grass, thus recreating the "Structured" style of the Belgian florist Stef Adrianssen.

At the show the main table had been dressed in rich gold and red flowers combined with fruit, so Karen interpreted this with Sunflowers, red Gerbras and Gloriosa Lilies, with red Carnation spray replacing strawberries, in a long, low, lush arrangement.

Mark Pampling from Australia had exhibited "Picture Flowers" and Karen showed us how she had constructed the frame, strung it with wire, then arranged white Dendrobium orchids in pre-attached tubes and threaded the orchids through the wire for support.... another easy yet effective display.

Lastly, a version of an arrangement by the German florist Gregor Lersch: a tree shape construction made from birch twigs, bamboo canes wrapped in sisal as the main support, into which test tubes were hidden then and Dendrobium orchids and Liatris artistically placed.... A very novel display.

Karen reminded us that we should not miss the exciting "FLOWERS AT OXFORD" event, 22nd-24th August, which is organised by Judith Blacklock and the magazine "Fleur Creatif".


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