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Christmas Workshop hosted by Ann French - December 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

We as a club are very fortunate to have Ann French as a member, as she so very kindly hosted the Christmas workshop for us. Ann has taught flower arranging and floristry at the highest levels, competed (and won) and been a National Demonstrator... (now retired). She often organises or takes part in church flower festivals too. She was a member of West Middlesex Society of Floral Art (London and Overseas Area of NAFAS) that sadly closed.

The evening was very informal, very jovial, and extremely popular. Those that were arranging had been supplied with the schedule and information on what to bring and the sales table was there for those essential items.

There was also a valuable opportunity to buy Christmas cards to support the all important Linda Jackson Macmillan Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital.

Ann, helped by Mary, explained how to make a Christmas themed door hanger and festive table arrangements. Instructions on how to support a candle in a design was a very valuable and helpful item. Advice on which foliage to use along with what garden plants are beneficial to arranging was brilliant.

Once Ann had completed her designs, it was time for her "ladies" to start their designs and I must say we have some very talented members in our midsts, as the photographs prove. Whilst they worked Ann was amongst them answering questions and offering all important advice.

At the end of the evening her demonstration arrangements were raffled, thank you to Shelia for organising that and we all felt very festive and ready for Christmas.

So, a very big thank you to Ann for enabling us to hold the workshop, for your expertise, explanations and passing on such brilliant hints.

Thank you to all of you, for all your support at this and the meetings through out the year. We could not be Hatch End Flower Arrangement Club without you.


Pat Dibben's - "Winter Solstice" - November 2015

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Gosh, what a brilliant and memorable evening, with Christmas just a month away, National Demonstrator Pat Dibben's Winter Solstice demonstration certainly filled us all with awe and festive spirit.

As always the stage was transformed by many stunning floral displays each executed with the perfection and imagination that Pat is renowned for. Such a talented and accomplished lady, Pat kept us entertained with her natural flamboyant style whilst arranging her displays and was ably assisted by our very own Yvonne Tan.

The evening was very well attended, mince pies and refreshments flowed thanks to Rekha, Linda and Jean while Brenda, Lorraine and Celia manned the well stocked sales table. Dominique was in charge of the very popular raffle, and everyone wanted to win one of Pat's beautiful displays.

Ann French, herself a teacher and demonstrator, offered a wonderful vote of thanks on behalf our club. Pat and Ann are very well acquainted through NAFAS and have competed in the same competitions in the past.


Jan & Ken Law - "The King and I" - October 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

At our October club meeting we were royally entertained by the husband and wife team of Jan and Ken Law. Jan is a past Area Chairman of the London and Overseas Area of NAFAS and has been voted in as National Vice Chairman elect, as of the NAFAS AGM in Plymouth. Then becomes National Chairman in 2017 and we offer her our congratulations for this appointment. Jan and Ken were to be very busy helping to organise the NAFAS Blackpool festival of flowers and food show in November.

The evening was a great success, both Jan and Ken arranged beautiful flowers and danced to the music from the film "The King and I". There were times when we could not help but sing along!!!!.

The club's vote of thanks was given by our member, Shelia Bishop, who has competed along side Jan in the past.


Jane Hass - "Green Fingers" - 8th July 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

Jane Haas is an Area Demonstrator and is a very busy member of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Area. In 2013 she became the NAFAS Education Committee Chairman. Jane visited our club in July and presented us with her "Green Fingers" demonstration. As always some really fabulous designs, terrific flowers and interesting hints and advice. A very memorable evening.


Rekha Naidoo & Theresa Rodrigues - 10th June 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

Our June meeting was a home-grown event, entitled "Anything Goes" and it certainly did! Our 2015 Chelsea medal winners Theresa, Rekha and Yvonne provided us all with a fantastic evening's demonstration. The stage filled up with stunning designs of all shapes, sizes and interpretations, some traditional and others contemporary.

They related their experiences of preparing, planning and then taking part in this year's Chelsea competition...... a real eye-opener as to how much work is involved.

It was brilliant to see so many members at the demonstration supporting our very own demonstrators and of course we all wanted a raffle prize from such an enjoyable evening....Thank you ladies.


Jackie Watson - "Movies from the Mansion" - 6th May 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

On May the 6th Jackie Watson paid us a welcome return visit and treated us to a spectacular visit to Pinewood Studios. Through her arrangements Jackie related how a Victorian country house called Heatherden Hall was purchased by Sir Charles Boot and with the help of J. Authur Rank was transformed into a film studio inspired by "Hollywood". It opened its doors for bussiness in 1936.

With imaginative designs of gorgeous flowers, foliage and mechanics, we were transported back to the early days when "Red Shoes" was filmed. Then to the Second World War, when the studios were commandeered by the government to be used for "storage". Then through to the Carry-on films & Norman Wisdom and famously the first James Bond film "Dr No" (1962) to present day Harry Potter.

We all enjoyed the evening and a very informative demonstration.


Chelsea 2015:

Our club member, Theresa, went to Chelsea this year and came home with a Gold Medal with her display entitled "Limelight".

Our hearty congratulations go to Theresa and Rekha(see below).

Also Rekha went to Chelsea this year and came home with a Bronze Medal, at her very first attempt.

A brilliant example of work from both of them and both are a credit to our club.

Well done ladies....


Kyoko Regan - "So Dreams Do Come True" - 8th April 2015

On the 8th of April, our evening's demonstrator was the very talented Kyoko Regan and the title of her demonstration was "So Dreams do come true". The arrangements told the stories of dreams and aspirations that have inspired her art. Kyoko grew up in Japan where she learnt the specialised art of Japanese flower arranging, Ikebana. On arrival in the UK her love of flowers lead her to adapt and combine the western styles of arranging and Ikebana with spectacular results.

During the evening Kyoko also introduced us to the Japanese beliefs and some of the rituals of the country related to flower seasons. All very interesting and informative. We at Hatch End wish her success in qualifying for the WAFA flower arranging competition to be held in Barbados next year.


Nick Grounds - "F to the power of 2" - 11th March 2015

You can see some photographs of the evening by clicking the picture:

This year's program of flower demonstrations commenced with the ingenious talents and creativity of NAFAS's National Demonstrator Nick Grounds. At school in Dunchurch he was an active member of the gardening club, and then his Grandmother introduced him to flower arranging, which developed into a hobby and then a second career.

Whilst attending Cambridge University he organised the first ever Oxbridge Flower Festival and worked in a Florist shop throughout his postgraduate course, at the Royal Horticultural College in Cirencester.

He is now a renowned Horticultural Auctioneer at Clifford Cross Auctions Ltd in Wisbech, as well as a much admired flower demonstrator.

Our evening was entitled "F to the Power of 2" and very soon the stage blossomed with some incredible displays, Flowers to Flush, Flowers to Fens and Flowers to Flotsam to name a few arrangements. The choice of containers, flowers and mechanics were ingenious. He chooses to use everyday household items somewhere in his designs…. even a toilet!

Nick is a great believer in reading his materials, noting each curve and even the way the flower looks always designates where in the arrangement they will be placed. He has a wonderfully commanding presence on stage and his commentary that accompanied the work was so entertaining, full of humour, interesting tips and explanations.

We laughed about the "Tropic of Ruislip" and at the significance of having Pampas Grass in our front gardens!

Previously he had been asked about his job description and title … Flower arranger, and the interviewer changed it to a trendy "Manipulative Stem Operative" instead. Nick is passionate about the values, the beauty and importance of the seasons, always letting one finish before the next begins - he is at one with nature.

A truly inspirational evening and it was brilliant to see so many members and friends enjoying themselves. I must say we were all jealous of those lucky ladies who won the displays in the raffle.


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